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What's Not To Like?.....hmmmm

My biggest passion is reading. Romance, Mystery and Suspense. Doesn't matter if it's Contemporary, Historical, Sci Fi, or PRN/Fantasy. It can be intense or funny, dark or light, short or long. I am always looking for the Alpha male in a book as well as a heroine that has a backbone and a little common sense (that harder to find the you might think!!!).


I watch TV less then a couple of hours a week, the rest of the time I have my e-reader in hand and I'm a happy camper.


You would think that reading that much would mean that I'm not a picky reader and in some ways that's spot on, but on the flip side I find that the same bad habits by authors are repeated across their books and I have very little patience with authors (or anyone) not growing and learning as they progress in the chosen field.


This blog will be about good books I read as well as the.....well, not so good books. It will also point out what I feel (and yes, this is my own opinion and is subjective) are things that could have made the book more enjoyable.

Heart of Stone by Christine Warren

Heart of Stone - Christine Warren

I received a publisher's ARC of Heart of Stone by Christine Warren. 


Having read all of her books to date, I had very high expectations and was not disappointed. This is the first book in a new paranormal series so there is a bit of world and character building that is a necessary evil, but was handled well and didn't bog down the story. This is a series about defeating the evil demons and saving the world. The Gargoyle Guardians need to be awoken and each book is about one guardian and the heroine that awakens him.


Rees is a Gargoyle Guardian and falls into the Alpha category without a doubt. His saying "little human" this and "little human" that, was so funny and adorable. He is protective and works so hard at fighting his attraction to Ella. 


Ella is my favorite type of heroine. Not to stupid to live but not so tough that she feels there is nothing she can't handle. She was smart enough to understand what she was capable of doing and deferred to Rees when she wasn't.


The story flowed nicely and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.