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My biggest passion is reading romantic fiction. Doesn't matter if it's Contemporary, Historical, Sci Fi, or Fantasy. It can be intense or funny, dark or light, short or long. I am always looking for the Alpha male in a book as well as a heroine that has a backbone and a little common sense (that harder to find the you might think!!!). I watch TV for 3 hours a week, the rest of the time I have my e-reader in hand and I'm a happy camper.

After the Storm by Maya Banks

After the Storm - Maya Banks

I enjoyed this latest in the KGI series. Would not say it was the best book in the series but a visit to the KGI compound is always welcome. I read where others have noted that the instant love was a little weird and I have to agree. I often complain about the ending of a book being rushed but it was just the opposite in this case. Still a nice read and was able to catch-up a bit with the previous characters from the earlier books and had a peep at what's coming with Rusty and Sean.