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My biggest passion is reading romantic fiction. Doesn't matter if it's Contemporary, Historical, Sci Fi, or Fantasy. It can be intense or funny, dark or light, short or long. I am always looking for the Alpha male in a book as well as a heroine that has a backbone and a little common sense (that harder to find the you might think!!!). I watch TV for 3 hours a week, the rest of the time I have my e-reader in hand and I'm a happy camper.

Nice addition to the series

Smoke and Shadows - Victoria Paige
I received a ARC of this book in return for a honest review.

Having read and enjoyed the previous books in the series i was ready to dive into this latest one when I received it. I was not disappointed. The plot grabbed me from the start and let me said "action packed", more so then the previous books. The only drawback, in my opinion, was that so many acronyms were used that it distracted me at times. I did enjoy catching up with the characters from the previous books. I will not comment one way or another about grammar, punctuation, etc as I rarely pay much attention to it unless it's so bad it pulls me out of the story, which did not happen while reading this book.

I was very happy with how the author handled Viktor's character. I knew this book was going to be about him and in the previous books he came across as a man that was hard as steel and a total control alpha type. He still was, but he bent just enough for Marissa to make the romance total believable.

Marissa was okay. She was a strong character but it wasn't over the top and she was likeable. She only had one "too stupid to live" moment in the book and that was towards the end so I managed to plow through that part. I did drop a star on my review with that in mind as that is one of the things I really dislike in any book I read.

Over-all I did enjoy this book and will eagerly awake the next book.